Allan Houston Goes Viral, Will Totally Make the Knicks


We’ve already accepted that Allan Houston’s latest comeback attempt will not only be hilarious, but also wildly successful, mostly because Jamal Crawford says so. But there are still a lot of haters out there, which, presumably, is why this “viral” video has been “leaked” — complete with press release! — proving that Houston’s still got that sweet three-point shooting touch. OMG, he hit ten straight threes! Did you see that?!

Granted, there’s no one, you know, guarding him here. (Our favorite part is all the spin moves to fake out the imaginary defender about halfway through.) And sure, as far as NBA-related viral videos go, just hitting some threes in practice — especially without the presence of poisonous snakes or a $20,000 wager — makes it the least impressive one we’ve ever seen, and that’s assuming it hasn’t been expertly doctored by the Garden PR staff. (See how the camera cuts between the first two shots? Conspiracy!) But that’s all beside the point. Mark it down: Allan Houston’s going to party like it’s 1999 this year. As long as no one’s guarding him.