Bloomberg to Announce Run for Third Term


After this morning’s auspicious news, Mayor Bloomberg will indeed seek a third term as mayor of New York City, the Times just reported. Bloomberg will announce this plan on Thursday morning, according to the report, which cites three people who have been told Bloomberg’s plans. The 66-year-old mayor is still legally barred from seeking reelection, but he will apparently propose to change the law through City Council, not a citywide ballot. Bloomberg has publicly said he opposes changing term limits in the past, but has apparently changed his mind due to the current financial crisis. Though some advisers like Patricia Harris, Kevin Sheekey, and Ed Skyler have cautioned him against running again, he’s apparently been encouraged to do it by business leaders like Steve Rattner, Stephen Ross, Rupert Murdoch, and now Ronald Lauder.

The municipality of New York City as we now know it has only elected three mayors in history to a third term.

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