Court Papers: Donna Hanover Tried to Bully Duke Into Getting Son Back on Golf Team


According to legal filings by Duke University in the matter of young Andrew Giuliani’s expulsion from the varsity golf team, Donna Hanover and her current husband, Ed Oster, tried to play outside the rules to get their son back on the golf team. He’d been kicked off after some alleged attitude problems and poor performance. From the court papers:

His parents and his counsel repeatedly sought to avoid the process, to maneuver around it, and to attempt to threaten and influence Duke University into placing Andrew Giuliani back onto the Duke University Men’s Golf Team.”

They say the Giulianis attempted these tricks before they eventually filed their 198-page lawsuit. You can say one thing for the entire Giuliani clan — they don’t back down. It’s too bad patience and finesse are more important than brute force on the golf course — otherwise Andrew might not have been the second-worst player on the team.

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