First Billionaire of the Apocalypse Alights in New York?


Billionaire financier, former Clinton buddy, Follieri foe, and gossip-crusher Ron Burkle is in town, according to the blog Guest of a Guest. Swooping in on a private jet, the Yucaipa chairman has apparently settled down on the roof of the Bowery Hotel, where he will pay nearly $30,000 to live in one of the building’s two spectacular penthouse loft apartments. This can only be a sign of the impending apocalypse — Burkle, like a hovering vulture, clearly wants to be near the action as the economic collapse begins churning out more victims. Soon, he will be feasting on their remains. This is very worrisome. If Larry Ellison, or worse, the Walton family starts showing their faces downtown, then we’ll know we’re really screwed. And if Warren Buffett shows up, well, by then it will be too late.

Ron Burkle Checks in to the Bowery Hotel [Guest of a Guest]