Hank Paulson, Master of the Universe


As Congress gets closer to passing the Treasury’s $700 billion bailout plan, thereby transferring all power to and pinning all of our hopes and dreams on Hank Paulson, we’d like to reflect for a moment on the Treasury secretary, and what this means for him. With the passing of this bill he will become, as one of our commenters put it earlier, the most important man on earth. This is in addition to the fact that he:

(a) looks sexy without a shirt
(b) somehow worked it so that he has around a half-billion dollars that he didn’t actually have to pay taxes on
(c) come January 21 will never have to work again.

Dudes, we’re sorry — and apologies to Amanda — but we find this all just so totally hot. Hank, you’re a stud. Take us with you.