Hope That America Will Turn Out Okay Comes From an Unusual Corner

Groucho Marx Photo: Getty Images

That's right. Don't worry, people, everything will turn out fine in the end. America will pull itself together after being torn asunder by a vicious political battle and mind-boggling economic woes. How do we know? Because this week Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez settled their divorce. Amicably.

How could this not give us hope? Sure, we're experiencing the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, and Congress is scrambling to shoulder everyone else's burden. World markets are howling in terror, yes, but did any of them go to Paris and pretend to have an affair with Lenny Kravitz? No. Sure, Obama has stepped up his destructive negative rhetoric to match McCain's, but did he get caught in a series of late-night "Kaballah" rendezvous with Madonna? No. Let's keep some perspective, people. If problems like these can be solved, anything can.