Is Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi in Crisis? Schay It Isn’t Scho!


The large pink Chupi is the beating heart of the
West Village. Photo: Brown Harris Stevens

West Village: The big, pink Palazzo Chupi on West 11th Street (owned by Julian Schnabel, our favorite schnuggable artist), is in crisis, according to Curbed. Even after price cuts, the remaining units haven’t sold, doormen are reportedly giving tours to random passersby out of boredom, and now, he’ll have to contend with an imitator. Wow. Soon he’ll be forced to sell units to random bloggers in exchange for a handful of change and a few crumpled ATM receipts. Hint. [Curbed]
Crown Heights: This is where longtime club dude Tracy Westmoreland says he wants to reopen his legendary dive bar, Siberia, which closed last year on West 40th Street after hosting journos and celebs like Anthony Bourdain and Jimmy Fallon. [NYO, Grub Street]
East Village: A non–Stuy Town resident and her two huge, ferocious dogs are terrorizing the legitimate Stuy Town residents and their legit, cute, small, harmless dogs. And that is terrifying and infuriating. [StuyTown Report]

Dumbo: Despite moving here from Park Slope, the Khalil Gibran Arab–themed public school has just 30 more students than last year, with many parents yanking their kids out of the school because of conflicts with the principal. Uh, can we audit classes there with the kids? We want to learn Arabic (but hear it’s really hard!). [NYP]
Park Slope: Oh God, first it’s a rash of car break-ins in Dumbo, now it’s serial windshield-wiper thieves here. What’s next, Obama bumper-sticker grifters in Fort Greene? [Gowanus Lounge]
South Bronx: The old Yankee Stadium will not be imploded but rather demolished in phases starting next year, with demo crew already submitting bids on the $27 mil wrecking contract. The famous bat-shaped smokestack where people meet will be spared and likely moved to a spot nearby. [NYP via Curbed]
Sunnyside Gardens: In other news of ferocious urban critters, “A hungry, brazen, and resourceful squirrel has broken into at least 2 kitchens by eating/ripping through window screens to get at food sitting on kitchen counters (even sealed food) within the last week.” And a commenter: “This happened to me earlier this summer at Celtic Park, and I’m on the seventh floor!” Flying squirrels, too?!? [Let’s Meet up in Queens via Queens Crap]