John McCain and Hathaello Celebrated His 70th Birthday in Style


One of our favorite tidbits from Michael Shnayerson’s recent Raffaello Follieri story in Vanity Fair was the fact that John “I Hate Celebrities” McCain once totally hung with Hathaello on Follieri’s rented yacht one weekend when it was docked off the coast of Montenegro. And according to Vijesti, Montenego’s leading daily, it wasn’t just any day, either: It was McCain’s 70th birthday, which they all celebrated with cocktails and sweets and very likely getting low to some T-Pain, as we suspect McCain is wont to do. Now the Nation has published a picture of that special day, in which McCain and his aide (now campaign manager) Rick Davis meet the star of their favorite movie, The Devil Wears Prada. Everyone looks so happy. It’s hard to imagine it will only be a few short years before McCain denounces all celebrities save Heidi Montag and Follieri goes to prison and the authorities take away all Anne’s jewels. Poor Anne. No wonder she’s an Obama girl now.

The Mcain-Follieri Love Boat [Nation]