St. Paul Report: John McCain’s Roommates Were Not Like Yours


Last night after John McCain’s speech, we happened upon an adorable white-haired couple beaming and practically skipping down the hall. “You seem happy!” we chirped. “That’s because our candidate just got nominated to be president of the United States!” the woman told us. What did you think of the speech? we asked. “Oh, don’t ask me. I’m completely biased,” said the man. “John and I were roommates way back.” Awesome! Bring on the stories of college drunkenness! Did he have any bad roommate habits? we wondered, digging for funny biographical details. “Bad habits? Tons! And he’s got a terrific sense of humor,” the man said. “Actually, I guess we were more neighbors than roommates.” Huh? This story was not making any sense. Then we saw the rather large piece of jewelry around the man’s neck. Was that a congressional seal? “Um, sir, where were you roommates?” we asked warily. He handed us his card: Leo K. Thorsness, vice-chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. “Oh, you know, Vietnam,” he said with a grin. “I got to Hanoi about six months before he did. I taught John everything he knows.”