Judge Dismisses Hedge-Fund Hottie’s Lawsuit Against Diddy


State Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohan was not impressed by hedge-funder Maria Dominguez’s argument that she didn’t know she’d be photographed when she wore a mermaid outfit and pasties to P. Diddy’s White Party some years back. Dominguez — the one staring into the camera, at left— sued the photographer, P. Diddy, and Vibe for a combined $3 million after the magazine published the photo, saying that she was “devastated” and the incident cost her business opportunities, but Ling-Cohan wasn’t having it. She was like, “Sista please. I may be Chinese-Jewish and old enough to be your mother, but even I know that if you go to P. Diddy’s house with your tatas hanging out, you are asking for attention.” After all, “Sean Combs and his renowned annual White Party are subjects of tremendous public interest, attracting the steady attention of the public and many news organizations.” Duh! So, see you by the pool next year, your honor? [NYDN]