Kidney Stones Won’t Come Between Lydia Hearst and Fashion Week


Jann Wenner’s long-separated wife supposedly tried to get permission to clear beautiful native vegetation from their Hamptons estate to build a yurt to meditate in. Charlie Gibson, on a plane from JFK to Alaska to interview Sarah Palin, switched seats with former senator Al D’Amato’s wife so she could sit next to her baby and his nanny. Frank Bruni gave the midtown power-lunch spot Michael’s zero stars, saying the peekytoe crab was like confetti after a rainstorm, and “Page Six” seems to sort of agree with him. Former Jay-Z biz partner Damon Dash, whose apartments are under foreclosure, wasn’t invited to an A-list hip-hop dinner. Stoic Lydia Hearst won’t let those pesky kidney stones stop her from hitting the rest of Fashion Week.

Lawyer Judd Burstein will drop his lawsuit against the Mets just as soon as he gets those nice seats at Citi Field he was supposedly promised. British billionaire Mike Ashley, who owns a big U.K. soccer team, spent $200,000 at Chelsea club Pink Elephant on more than 200 Champagne bottles for folks like Mo Vaughn and Will.I.Am. Mariah Carey’s ex–record producer says that the singer’s lawyer is trying to warn him off writing a tell-all about his and Mariah’s “intense four-year personal relationship.” (Intense how? Like, did Mariah show off her melisma during sex?) Daniel Radcliffe wants to play a drag queen so he can wear lots of eye makeup.

Anne Hathaway says her friends were really there for her when news broke of her breakup with Raffaello Follieri right before his arrest. Victoria Beckham will open a British-pub-type restaurant in L.A. with Gordon Ramsay. Former Monkee Mickey Dolenz defended fox hunting. Timbaland had dinner at Kobe Club with diamond dealer Jacob Arabo, who paid the bill and left a $300 tip. Oprah won’t wear yellow, looks good in clothes that are “almost corset-y,” and wears size 10 Louboutins, her stylist told Cindy Adams, who reports that Lenny Kravitz, Michael Stipe, and Ethan Hawke all don’t wear underwear. People laughed at Mario Lopez for wearing so much makeup and mascara to a video-game launch.