Slideshow: The Brokenhearted Babes of Wall Street

Ew ew gross make it stop. Photo: AP

Did anybody else notice that, in all of the endless photographs and clips of disheartened bankers exiting the offices of Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers yesterday, a surprising number of them were ladies? And since it wasn’t exactly an official workday, and many employees were just told to show up with boxes, lots of them showed up in casual clothes, like ponytails, gym shorts, tank tops, and the like — and they were actually kind of, well, hot? Finance hot, but still. Frankly, it was the last thing we ever expected to see parading up and down Wall Street. Unfortunately, most of those ladies were only caught briefly on television, but we’ve sorted through all the wire photos of yesterday’s exodus to give you a hint at what assets these banks have been secretly hiding all along.

Update: Per the recommendation of loyal DI reader Pennywise, we’ve added dudes!