Let’s Play the Spin Game!


McCain strategist Steve Schmidt is a genius. But so are our commenters! This morning, we wrote about Sarah Palin’s stumble during her interview with Charlie Gibson after he asked her about the “Bush Doctrine.” Obama surrogates are sure to point to this as an indicator of her lack of foreign-policy know-how. But Schmidt has surely already come up with some incredibly clever (and effective) spin to turn this into a positive for Palin. What do you guys think it will be? “Sarah Palin doesn’t analyze policy with meaningless buzzwords coined by the media”? Or, as one of our commenters already suggested, “The media bullies didn’t give us time to make her better flash cards”? Give us your best predictions! The more audacious the better (and more likely to be correct)! [Intel]

P.S. We’ll do this when Obama or Biden slip up, too!