Liv Tyler Is Actually, Really, Just Like Us


The Samsung Imagination Icons Series event last night honoring Valentino was a classy do … with one minor exception. There wasn’t indoor plumbing. Even Liv Tyler had to hit the Port-A-Potty during the night. [Ed: Yes, we know, you would all prefer to imagine that Liv Tyler has been genetically excluded from all such physical needs, but this is a story about how great she is, so get over it.] Like all other Port-A-Pottys we’ve ever come in contact with, there was no TP in this one. Naturally, because we have no shame, we asked Liv about it. “I got a paper towel and even left some for the girl after me,” she said, just proving what we’ve always believed: Tyler is totally normal and not a celeb just in town for Fashion Week. In fact, she might not even make it to the zoo that takes over Bryant Park this Saturday. “[Fashion Week] kind of descends on the city and I’m like ‘Oh, is it that time again?’” We know what you mean, Liv! But then again, maybe we don’t. When we talk about our “dad living in New England” we have never meant Steven Tyler, for example.

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