Could McCain Topple the Empire State?


Every four years in recent history, during the presidential campaigns, a dozen or so swing states run wild with a sudden influx of attention and activity, while New York finds itself warming the bench on the sidelines with a Baggie of orange slices. Blame it on that damned archaic, elitist safeguard, the Electoral College. This year has been no different, as the Empire State, home to the Most Cosmopolitan City in the World, has polled so solidly blue that its usefulness to John McCain and Barack Obama has so far been limited to fund-raising, ground-zero photo ops, and SNL guest appearances (weather permitting). But with a new poll showing Obama’s lead slipping to a meager five points, could that soon change? Might New York soon be basking in some of the disproportionate pandering and coddling that perennial swingers like Ohio and Pennsylvania take for granted? Unlikely, but if we could somehow manage to generate a few more of these shocking polls, you never know. At last, what New Yorkers have been waiting for: something to fight about. [Newsday]