Michel Gondry Has Nothing to Do With Michel Gondry Posters, Okay?


Those whimsical-looking flyers we told you about from the person looking for whimsical auteur Michel Gondry are not part some kind of whimsical marketing campaign by the filmmaker himself, by the way: “I would like to make it perfectly clear that Michel Gondry has absolutely nothing to do with this at all,” a commenter by the name of “mgondry” wrote on Fimoculous’ Flickr page, underneath a photo of one of the posters that began appearing all over the Lower East Side on Monday morning. “It is not a marketing campaign. These postings are the independent act of someone not associated with Michel Gondry or any of his work or projects. We would prefer that these signs be removed whenever possible. Thank you. –Office of Michel Gondry.” Well you wouldn’t think it was so cute if someone wanted to make a unitard out of your skin, either. [Flickr]