Nancy Shevell’s Trip to Israel: Not All ‘Fun and Frolic’


This morning the Post called out MTA board member Nancy Shevell for missing a vote over whether the city could pay bridge and tunnel tolls for emergency vehicles. (They voted yes — which will cost the city $10 million per year.) Shevell is currently in Israel with her boyfriend, Paul McCartney, where he’s readying for a concert in front of 50,000 fans tonight. “Fun and frolic won out over public duty,” the tabloid tsk-tsk’d. But it turns out, Nancy’s little trip wasn’t that fun and frolicsome at all! After Muslim extremist Omar Bakri warned McCartney to stay away from Israel’s 60th-anniversary celebrations “if he values his life,” the ex-Beatle has been under extreme surveillance. At today’s concert he’ll have 5,000 security guards “consisting of police, agents from Britain’s MI6 and members of Israel’s Mossad intelligence organization,” according to Nancy Shevell is totally putting herself in danger for the cause of Israeli freedom. She’s practically an American hero! That’s more security than Sarah Palin gets when she’s around reporters.