New Lawsuit Makes ‘Dr. Lookgood’ Look, Well, Not So Good


Steven “Dr. Lookgood” Victor is an Upper East Side dermatologist famous for his skin treatments. He and his socialite wife, Anna Rhodes, appeared to have a fabulous life of luxury — but as with many things beauty-related, it was only skin deep. In reality, the couple was living a life on borrowed money and ever-expanding debt, reports the Post. A Manhattan federal lawsuit claims that after receiving a $2.5 million investment from some Texas backers to help refinance his cosmetics company, Dr. Victor and his wife went on a $43,000 trip to Paris, and used $49,000 to pay off an AmEx bill. In total, they used $600,000 of the cash on personal expenses. The investors are now suing, following the example of other vendors and lenders who have successfully sued Victor for fraud, unpaid loans, misuse of funds, and refusal to pay bills.

Still, Dr. Victor is a great dermatologist! He’s one of New York’s best doctors, in fact. Go get an appointment today! He’s only 600 Botox injections away from paying off that debt.

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