New York ‘Post’ Officially a ‘Joke’


On the seventh anniversary of September 11, arguably the greatest tragedy ever to take place on American soil and a catastrophic event that changed New York City forever, the editors of the New York Post decided that it would be appropriate to put a gag Photoshopped image of a pig wearing lipstick on the cover of the paper. Remembrance of 9/11 (which occupies most of the Daily News cover) is relegated to a tiny note in the upper right-hand corner. We’re used to this kind of gag from the tabloid (we’re still laughing about their V-D Day cover), but this surprised even us. The ridiculous lipstick kerfuffle is a two-day story? On a day when even McCain and Obama have pulled all TV ads and have agreed to appear together at ground zero, the Post still thinks silly wisecracks take precedent over solemnity? Guess it is, officially, the paper of jokers now.

Today’s Cover [NYP]
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