Obama Works Out While Wall Street Burns


That’s what the McCain campaign is sure to say when they read that Barack Obama woke up early today — the morning that headlines hit about the greatest bank failure in American history, and also the morning that Congress is desperately trying to put together a rescue package — and went to the gym. He was spotted at the Washington Sports Club for an hour this morning, starting at about 7:30. It doesn’t matter that Congress won’t reconvene on the bailout bill for another hour or so, and it makes no difference that the debate tonight is not for another ten hours. In a campaign that’s all about gaffes and press-friendly stunts, appearance is everything — and Barack Obama of all people should know that. John McCain does — he’s still receiving flak from David Letterman for saying he couldn’t tape the show because he “had to fly to Washington,” even though he remained in New York for nearly another full day. Dude, we know you’ve got a Men’s Health cover coming up, but couldn’t you just do some sit-ups in your hotel room?

Obama: In town, working out [Politico]