‘One of the Problems Is That Mr. Paulson Is a Day Trader’


Chris Cuomo came out guns blazing against Congresswomen Marilyn Musgrave and Marc Kaptur, who both voted against the bailout bill yesterday, on Good Morning America today. “ARE YOU READY TO ACCEPT THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCE OF BRINGING DOWN THIS ECONOMY WITH YOUR VOTE?” he asked. “ARE YOU?” The women seemed slightly taken aback. “Well, you’re very anxious,” Congresswoman Kaptur admonished in a mumsily adorable Ohioan accent, adding that Cuomo ought to hold it together “for the sake of the country, and even for the sake of the markets.” Then she calmly goes on to explain her problems with the bill, one of which is that she didn’t just want to hand over $700 billion to that “day trader” Paulson. Er, no, Marcy. Nooooo. Cuomo manages to hold it together, but will you? [ABC via DealBreaker]