Peaches Geldof on Her New Life in NYC


At Y-3 on Sunday we learned a little about Peaches Geldof’s new life here in New York City, where she’s working for Nylon TV and will soon be writing about “fashion and everything else” for the magazine. She’s been living in Williamsburg for two weeks with her husband of one month, musician Max Drummey. Geldof said she finds Manhattan a bit intense, even compared to London, and was attracted to Brooklyn’s slower pace. “I really like it as an area because it’s so quiet,” she said of Williamsburg, where she’s discovered vintage mecca Beacon’s Closet. Across the river, Geldof favors Screaming Mimi’s, another iconic vintage spot. In Saturday’s torrential downpours, her vintage fur got ruined when she got caught in the rain following Patricia Fields’s Marks & Spencer presentation. “It was sad,” Geldof told us. But then her mood brightened. “I bought it at a thrift store. It was only like $20, so it’s not that sad, I guess.”

On the difference between the Big Apple and her old hometown of London, Geldof remarked: “The whole New York–minute thing is a lot faster. Everything seems a lot faster and more hectic, but London’s always gray and miserable.”