Rachel Maddow: ‘It’s Hilarious That ‘Page Six’ Just Runs Stuff That They Make Up’


Fiery but polite Rachel Maddow has just fired the latest salvo in the war between “Page Six” and MSNBC. After the tabloid gossip column suggested that she may need to straighten up her sense of style yesterday, the new cable host was asked about the feud in an online Q&A on TVNewser. Blogger Ron Mwangaguhunga asked: “There was a lighthearted Page Six story this week about MSNBC making you wear fancy clothes. Question: Is it intimidating to now be on Page Six’s radar?” Maddow replied:

I think it’s hilarious that Page Six just runs stuff that they make up. What a great job that must be! Not intimidated — thanks for the question, Ron.

Ooooh, slice. We can’t wait until the writers of the gossip column come up with a response. If her politics, co-workers, and clothes have already been pilloried, we already know what’s next … her hair. And that’s going to get “Page Six” in trouble — you do NOT talk to a lesbian about her short haircut. It’s like talking to a black lady about her weave: dangerous.

Live Chat With Rachel Maddow [TVNewser/Mediabistro]