Red Hook Old Heads Totally Psyched to Stick It to ‘Real World’ Cast


It’s not just bratty Williamsburg hipsters who are giving the cast of The Real World a hard time. Even ostensibly mature Brooklyn residents’ feathers are ruffled. “This is going to be the realest Real World ever because the regulars at bars like mine are going to treat the cast like crap,” Edie Stone, the 42-year-old owner of Bait and Tackle in Red Hook, boasted gleefully to AM New York today. “We like the fact that Red Hook is inaccessible and uncool,” 37-year-old Web designer Christopher Fahey added. “I heard about how people gave the Philadelphia cast a hard time — I hope we do the same.” Yeah! Take a cue from a citizenry that once threw snowballs at fuckin’ Santa Claus! That would be so hard-core. That would really school those kids. Those, like, 19-year-old teenagers. From, like, Utah or wherever. Wait, what? Dudes, it’s just a TV show. You live in New York. How about being too busy and important to care? [amNY]