Cheers! Sallie Krawcheck Out at Citigroup


Sallie Krawcheck, the head of Citigroup Inc.’s wealth-management unit and one of the most powerful women on Wall Street, is leaving the bank, The Wall Street Journal reports. The reason for her departure is “unclear,” the Journal says, but they seem to imply that it may have had something to do with the Curse of Vikram Pandit (“a string of top executives have left since he assumed the top position in December”), or that maybe the gyration of the markets have been too much to bear and she’s all, “Fuck this.” But we suspect the explanation may be simpler: “I work all the time,” she told Penelope Trunk last year. “I sent 220 emails last weekend. The last time I went out for drinks on a weekday like Sex in the City was when I was twenty-two.” She’s 44. Girlfriend needs a drink.

Krawcheck to Leave Citigroup [WSJ]