So What Does Eliot Spitzer Really Do Now?


Well, he spends a lot of time with his family, and he works at his father’s real-estate company. But also, it seems, he spends a lot of time grumbling. The Times did a little checkup on the disgraced former governor on Sunday, and it turns out that Time Out wasn’t the first publication to hear from Spitzer since his fall. He actually angrily reached out to reporters in June after the final court ruling upholding former NYSE chair Dick Grasso’s retirement package. Then, in mid-September, he talked to a reporter about his frustrations with the government’s bailout of AIG.

The rest of his days are spent running in Central Park before work, dropping his daughters off at school, and trying to revive his father’s real-estate firm. It sounds wholesome and fulfilling at least, right? Not so much, according to Spitzer, who also only had grumbles to share when asked by a Times writer about his new job. He responded “with resignation and joylessness,” and said, simply: “Making money is making money.”

6 Months Later, Spitzer Is Contrite, Yes, but Sometimes Still Angry [NYT]