‘Social Heights,’ Starring Kristian Laliberte and Devorah Rose, Will Make It to Reality


Courtesy of Guest of a Guest, the blog that chronicles everything appalling about New York nightlife and society so we don’t have to, please behold the cast of Social Heights. You may recognize Social Life Magazine editor Devorah Rose, an Intel friend and favorite, already. According to the Website, the show will be “like the Hills … but in Manhattan and a little older, and more mature.” Mmm. It will also apparently be on Bravo (we’ll believe it when we can DVR it) and will largely focus on Kristian Laliberte (above, in the checkered situation). Unlike Bravo’s similarly themed Real Housewives of New York City, though, Social Heights is only using one cameraman at the moment, and hasn’t started filming in earnest. Guest of a Guest overheard cast members scheming about the plotlines they would invent in the coming fall to keep their characters interesting. The Gramercy Park Hotel and Beatrice Inn will never be the same, people.

Social Heights: Bright Lights, Fake Fights [Guest of a Guest]
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