Unfashionable James Frey Loves Fashion


This, at least, is true: James Frey is a fashion-show fan. “I go to shows every year,” the Bright Shiny Morning author said at the Geren Ford show at the Bowery Hotel this week. “I think Fashion Week’s cool. I’m not particularly fashionable, and I don’t wear fashionable clothes, but I love the spectacle of it.” Just how unfashionable is he? “You’re pretty much looking at it,” he said. “Khakis, T-shirt, and Adidas shower sandals.” But he owns one swankier item that he pulls out for the February shows. “I have a black mink coat,” he said. “When my wife and I moved to New York from Los Angeles, I was like, ‘Well, if you’re gonna make me move, you have to go get me a fur coat.’ I thought it was hilarious. I wear a T-shirt under it.”