Wall Street to Blame for Psychologist’s Affair With Prison Inmate


Lehman Brothers vice-president Joshua Spitz — the husband of prison psychologist Magdelena Sanchez, who is facing up to six months in jail for having several trysts with an inmate in her office at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn — wrote a heartfelt letter in defense of his wife to the judge in her case, the Daily News reported today. In it, Spitz, an equity-derivatives trader, writes that Sanchez was the “perfect picture portrait of an ideal citizen,” and the fact that she started humping gang members was actually his — and Lehman Brothers’ — fault:

In explaining her “loss of judgment,” Spitz said his wife was grieving over the death of her brother and that he was unavailable to her due to working long hours at the office.

Interesting. Spitz shouldn’t beat himself up too much, though, since this all went down at the beginning of the subprime business and everyone was probably working long hours. Which means that, freakonomically speaking, that inmate dude probably wouldn’t have gotten laid at all if not for the mortgage crisis. Which is kind of an interesting example of how the economy really does affect everyone.

Hubby of Cheating Prisoner Psychologist Says Wife Is An “Ideal Citizen”