‘We Need Everybody to Calm Down and Relax and Get Back to Work.’


Well. We have to say that we are pretty fucking surprised by this turn of events, and so, apparently, is the AP — which in a weird break from style just referred to the vote as “mind-numbing.” Eric Cantor came on just now and blamed Nancy Pelosi, who he said “poisoned the environment” with her speech at the end of the debate and “failed to lead,” which was kind of jerky and weird, since (a) he was one of the last holdouts himself, and (b) if his side was so smart they should have been able to ignore said partisan bullshit and make clear decisions. Then John Boehner came on and said everyone needs to “calm down and go back to work,” we think meaning Cantor. And just now Pelosi came on and said that, well, she had delivered on her side. As for President Bush, he’s “very disappointed” in pretty much everyone’s behavior, and for the first time in maybe ever we have to agree. Supporters of the bill are going to try and bring it back after Rosh Hashanah, Wednesday at the earliest.

House defeats $700B financial markets bailout [AP]