Eric Benet Says He’s Not a Sex Addict, After All


When we spotted musician Eric Benet sitting in the front row at Carlos Campos last night, it took us a minute to register why we recognized him: He’s Halle Berry’s sex-addicted former husband! Yes, we know he also did some other stuff like make records, but let’s face it, that’s what he’s best known for. The pair split in 2003 after rumors surfaced that Benet cheated on his hot wife; he later announced that he was addicted to humping. When the fashion show was over, we marched right up to Benet. We knew what we had to do. (No, not that. God! Do we seem like that type of girl? Actually, don’t answer that.) Benet stood quite close and kept one hand on our arm the entire time as he talked about the show: “The guys were these blond, Aryan, chiseled-looking cats and he balanced it nice with the Nubian females,” he murmured. “It was hot. I liked it.” Not to break the mood or anything, we said awkwardly, but how about David Duchovny’s recent revelation that he’s in rehab for sex addiction? Benet didn’t know Duchovny had sought treatment, but wished him well. “I hope he finds peace and help and whatever he’s dealing with,” Benet said. “Sex addiction is a real thing, you know. In retrospect, it’s not what I would label my situation.” Hold on! If he wasn’t addicted to sex, how does he explain his former cheating ways? “Making some stupid-ass, stupid-ass mistakes,” he said, shaking his head. Yep, that’s exactly what we’d call getting dumped by Halle Berry, too.