Wolf Blitzer: In Touch With His Inner Child


Last night after the “celebration” portion of the convention, when the camera was panning over the red, white, and blue balloons on the convention floor, did anyone else happen to hear Wolf Blitzer, the august host of CNN’s The Situation Room, suddenly say, “Wow, that’s a lot of balloons”? Which he followed with: “I bet someone would like to stomp all over those balloons.” Anderson Cooper quickly changed the subject, but we couldn’t let it go: A strange, sepia-toned reel started playing in our minds: young Wolf at 3 years old, clad in a dirndl, popping a big red balloon given to him by his Polish mother; Wolf at 8, joyfully popping bubble wrap with his siblings in his home in Buffalo, New York; and then Wolf, late last night, walking onto the convention floor, glancing over each shoulder, and then stomping, gleefully, onto a balloon. Then, looking around once more and striding out, whistling happily. We really hope he got to do it.