Alan Cumming on Being Fired From Ant Bully

Photo: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, istockphoto

Last night’s Gabrielle’s Gala at Cipriani was a warm oasis of happiness and light compared to Wall Street outside, where hordes of suddenly unemployed financial types streamed by, with faces as gray as their suits. Alan Cumming, our favorite Scot, empathized. He was fired once. “I got fired from that movie Ant Bully, an animated film. Me and Shirley MacLaine got fired,” he reminisced. “They finished the film, and the studio decided to change our voices.” What a shame, we started to say. But no! “It was great because I got paid all the money, and I never had to speak about being an ant,” he said, then shot us a glance. “Until now.” He continued: “The night before I got fired, I was at a thing like this, and someone says” — he put on a deep, newscaster-ish voice — “‘So, Alan, what was it like being an ant?’ And then I was like, fuck, I’m going to have to talk about being an ant forever,” he said. “And then the next day I got fired!”