Amy Sacco Fingered Damian Hirst

Photo: Getty Images

Amy Sacco is a big supporter of Free Arts NYC, an organization that provides arts education to underserved children. Her own artistic talent runs to finger painting, Sacco revealed at a party she co-hosted with Saks last night, of which Free Arts was a beneficiary. “I’m stunning,” Sacco whispered. “I don’t like to brag about it, because, you know, I have a lot of artsy fartsy friends, Damien Hirst, whatever, but you know, I can be very clever with my fingers and a little Crayola paint,” she said, eyebrows raised. We were skeptical, and asked Amy if she’s ever actually shown Damien Hirst one of her “stunning” finger paintings. And it seems Hirst has seen her work up close. “I’ve painted him personally. I’ve made him my own canvas,” she said. Hirst did a big painting at Sacco’s old club, Lot 61, and they, um, collaborated back then. “In his wilder days, we hand painted on many an evening,” she says. So does being hand painted by Amy Sacco guarantee entrée to her clubs? “Of course,” she says. “He’s a VIP. Although he should have let me keep the painting. I want my painting back.”