Anne Hathaway Rubs Her New Sexy Man in Raffaello Follieri’s Face

"And here I am in a misty soft-porn rain. And you can't have me." Photo: Getty Images

This is uncomfortable. The very day that the U.S. attorney’s office urged the judge not to show her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri leniency in his sentencing this week on charges of wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy, Anne Hathaway took the opportunity to tell People all about the “sexy” new man she’s interested in. “This guy I know in L.A. is kind of doing it for me right now,” said the actress, who broke up with Follieri two weeks before he was arrested. “When I think of sexy, I think of him…

You know when sometimes you don’t know someone very well — you’ll probably never see them again — but you just meet them and you’re like ‘WOW, you really have it going on’?”

We imagine she then leaned into the tape recorder: “Are you sure you got that? Sexy. S-E-X-Y. Free to move about without shackles. And totally solvent. They get People in prison, right?”

Anne Hathaway Has a ‘Sexy’ New Mystery Man [People]

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