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Anne Slowey Thinks Sarah Palin Could Use a Little Airbrushing

Photo: Getty Images

Since soon-to-be Stylista star and Elle Fashion News Director Anne Slowey was holding court among the “media elite” at the Fashion Unites for Obama fund-raiser at Talavera studios on Friday, we ducked the glass of wine she was swinging wildly around and asked what she thought of Fox’s claims that Sarah Palin’s Newsweek cover was under-Photoshopped. “I don’t think anybody should be airbrushed, myself included,” the notoriously food-averse fashionista said between bites of actual sushi. “I feel like reality is so much more interesting than illusion.” But!

I’m sure I’ll live to regret those words, come October 22 (when her Tyra Banks–backed show premieres), Slowey laughed. Anyway, “They should be airbrushing her words more than her face. She needs an editor more than she needs an airbrusher. Or maybe an education!”

Her Stylista co-star, Elle Creative Director Joe Zee, chimed in: “I would think there was something seriously wrong to retouch her to look like Gisele” on the cover of a news magazine, he laughed. “I mean, my God, we might as well retouch McCain to look like George Clooney.” And speaking of fantasies, what would Palin look like if she ever landed on the cover of Elle? “Two words,” said Zee: “Blowout and contact lenses.”

Anne Slowey Thinks Sarah Palin Could Use a Little Airbrushing