Bernanke’s Support of Democrat Bailout Plan Was Obama ‘Endorsement,’ Says ‘Journal’

Obama and his grandparents in the eighties. Photo: Getty Images

BERNANKE ENDORSES OBAMA, reads the utterly misleading headline on a Wall Street Journal editorial today, which is actually about how the Federal Reserve chairman’s support yesterday of a Democratic proposal for a second economic stimulus package focusing on transportation, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and assorted other “Main Street” (barf) needs was, they think, tantamount to an endorsement. Obnoxious. More obnoxious: “Perhaps Mr. Bernanke’s blunderbuss political intrusion will win him more Democrat friends,” the paper snipes, conveniently ignoring the fact that the package was also supported by the president, and suggesting that with the move “Bernanke all but submitted his job application to Barack Obama.” Whatever, Journal. Maybe he did submit a job application. Maybe it was even tinted a light mint green and ocean-scented. Which is better than the WSJ opinion page, which carries a distinct odor of eau de sore loser.

Bernanke Endorses Obama [WSJ]