Brooklyn Heights Soil at High Risk of Stroke Due to Salt Levels

"I won't let Barack Obama hurt you, Timmy." Photo: Getty Images

Well, we’ve all known for a while now that the spray from the fancy art waterfalls was hurting the trees in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, and now there’s hard scientific proof: Soil at the River Café, whose trees were getting hit, has ten times the normal amount of salt in it. That puts Brooklyn Heights soil at high risk of hypertension and possible stroke. No wonder tree-health advocates in those hoods are relieved that those waterfalls (which, come on, let’s just say it, were a bit underwhelming) are coming down October 13. Also, interestingly, waterfalls creator Olafur Eliasson really doesn’t seem that remorseful about the tree-hurting, frankly. [Brooklyn Paper]