Christie Brinkley’s Media Control

People this pretty shouldn't be allowed to break up
in the first place.
Photo: Getty Images

Christie Brinkley obtained a restraining order in court yesterday to prevent ex-husband Peter Cook from letting their two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, watch his much-publicized interview with Barbara Walters tonight on 20/20. Brinkley also insists that Cook, who has custody of the kids for the weekend, keep them away from his Sag Harbor home in order to avoid prying media eyes. Brinkley had originally filed a complaint to have custody for the weekend, but it was refused by a judge. She claims that she just wants to protect her children from the embarrassing public details of their split. Cook calls these actions hypocritical, considering the fact that she insisted their divorce trial be opened to the press. But it’s not quite hypocrisy — she pretty openly just wants her kids to see her side of the story in the media. It’s plain, old-fashioned message management. Say what you will about the former Sports Illustrated cover girl — she’s always known just what to reveal, and what to keep covered up.

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