Christopher Buckley’s Mistress Suing for More Child Support

Omar Minaya and Brian Cashman. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Why is this child angry? Because he, Jonathan, was born out of wedlock to book publicist Irina Woelfle (pictured) and married writer Christopher Buckley. And because his mother says the $3,000 a month that Buckley pays in child support is not enough to send him to private school, which he needs because he has ADHD. And because his dad isn’t a part of his life, really, and he’s getting older and let’s be honest, a boy needs a daddy sometimes. And also because his grandfather, the very well-to-do William F. Buckley Jr., very purposefully excluded little Jonathan from his $30 million will.

Or it could just be because his lollipop tastes bad. That could be it, too.