Contentious Term-Limit Vote Drove Wedge Between Allies

Okay, we just think this picture is hot.Photo: Getty Images

When Mayor Bloomberg pushed an extension of term limits through City Council, it was Christine Quinn who did the heavy lifting for him. She rushed a vote before opposition could rally enough support to stop the measure, and she exerted all the pressure she could bring to bear on her fellow councilmembers in order to win the contentious vote. Bloomberg was AWOL for much of the most intense battle. According to the Times, Quinn’s success (and war wounds) have made her feel empowered to oppose the Mayor more firmly and frequently. She’s already pushed back on property-tax increases and a change in elder programs. “There is a sense that the mayor has damaged his popularity and that is emboldening members,” Brooklyn Councilman David Yassky told the paper. So what’s Bloomberg doing? He’s calling each councilmember individually to make amends. Which would work to soothe wounded egos, if it were someone other than Mayor Bloomberg making the calls. Never the most solicitous politician, Hizzoner’s apparently screwing up even these friendly efforts by turning them into tax lectures. Memo to whoever is planning his third-term run: Now might be the time to finally enroll Mayor Mike in charm school.

After Term Limits Vote, Tensions Rise at City Hall [NYT]