Joe Pantoliano on Making Money in the Recession

Photo: Getty Images

In these tough times, Joe Pantoliano is thinking about renting out his Fairfield, Connecticut, basement. “It’s beautiful,” he boasted at the Sundance Institute party on October 27. “It’s on two acres, and it looks out on a five-acre pond. Nice!” The basement comes with a washer and dryer, “a really cool bathroom with a steam room,” and a 50-inch television. There’s no kitchen, but Pantoliano says there’s no need to cook. “It’s like a B&B, you eat with us,” he said. “Celebrity dining!” Monthly rent would be $1,100, “but I’ll give you a break if you do windows.” Pantoliano — who’s working on some indie projects, advocating for a mental-health nonprofit, and pushing his Pepe & Pants line of pasta sauce — thought maybe he’d rent to a recently laid-off banker. “I just want to help the poor bastard who lost everything for his clients,” he said.