Credit Crisis? What Credit Crisis?

Bruce Ratner Photo: Getty Images

We got a little freaked out by this morning’s big doomsday Times story about how credit-card companies are reducing credit lines and tightening standards for applicants and sending out fewer offers. But then we got to work and there was totally a credit-card offer in our general in-box from a place called “Financial Matching Service.” Since the Intel in-box doesn’t actually belong to an actual person with a Social Security Number or anything, it seemed like a good sign! Apparently some people are still willing to lend to just anyone! Or no one, as it were. Take that, Times. Apparently FMS can help us find a company that will give us up to $1,500 dollars in credit. That’s what it says online, anyway; they don’t have a phone number. We’ll let you know how it goes! [NYT, Financial Matching Service]