Dina Lohan to Take Fancy Footwork to ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Obama nailing it down in Pennsylvania today. Photo: WireImage

Dina Lohan’s awkward dancing scene on Living Lohan seems to have made an impression on someone. Between fielding questions about LiLo and Samantha at Animal Fair’s Eighth Annual Halloween Pet Costume Party last night, our favorite stage mom, in the worst accidental-on-purpose slip we’ve seen maybe ever, hinted that she may soon appear on a certain dance show. “I’m not allowed to say,” Lohan, who once claimed she was a Rockette, said when we asked if she had any plans to do something with her own, um, talent. “But I will say that I am a fan of Dancing With the Stars.” We pressed on, asking if that was a hint, but got no response other than an evil, knowing laugh. Ali, standing shyly by her mom’s side, said she thought her mom could hold her own next to Cloris Leachman et al. “I mean, I’ve seen her dance on the show and everything, and me and my brother were really surprised she did it,” she said. “I think she’d do really good.”