The Best of the Doggy Halloween Costumes

Photo: Katya323's Flickr

Autumn has many pleasures: foliage, pumpkin pie, trick or treating … and for a certain type of New Yorker, the chance to dress up your dog in the most ridiculously elaborate costume you can possibly conceive and parade him or her around in one of the city’s many Halloween dog parades, or as dogs call them, the Public Humiliation Bonanzas. This year, because it has been a sincerely crappy autumn for so many, we trawled the Internet, picking and choosing the best photos of New York dogs in the best (and weirdest, and most hilarious, and most uncomfortable-looking) costumes we could find. Thank you so much to brilliant photographers Katya323, Alex Andrei , Lenny Karunungan, Victora Belanger, Sara Bogush, Andrew Sempere, Ranjit Bhatnagar and Jeana Costa! The winners — and we hesitate to call them winners, because any dog that wears makeup and/or a hat is a winner — are featured in a slideshow…