Economist Nouriel Roubini Has Vaginas on His Walls

Aren't you just so excited? Photo:

Okay, so we are late on this but Gawker did a somewhat mind-blowing post yesterday about Nouriel Roubini, which is weirding us out not because it reveals that the economist and NYU professor everyone calls Dr. Doom is kind of a fun guy — it sort of makes sense that he would be, like in the way lots of comedians are secretly assholes — but because of the description of his apartment. According to Nick Denton, Roubini “draws a cosmopolitan crowd to the frequent parties at his Tribeca loft — an apartment with walls indented with plaster vulvas, incidentally.” Incidentally! The man has vaginas on his walls! Vaginas. On his walls. What would that possibly look like? We don’t want to know — but also, we do. If anyone has a picture of said apartment, please send it to us asap at

The Secret Pleasures of Dr. Doom [Gawker]