‘Economy’ Ice Sculpture Is Like a Metaphor

"See you next year... maybe."Photo: Getty Images

Artists Marshall Reese and Nora Ligorano, the artists who made the giant ice sculpture of the word ECONOMY that’s on display in front of the Supreme Court today, said, somewhat superfluously, that they did it to “make a statement” about the economy. “We chose ice because ice has a beginning and an end, and you don’t know what happens in between, and ice melts away, and that’s what’s happening to the economy,” Reese told the Post this morning, in a manner that suggested he was quite enamored with the genius of his own mind. But does it maybe seem like he didn’t really think this thing through? Because honestly, the economy is not going to melt away. Humans have had an economy, in some form or another, since we traded pelts and collected each other’s teeth. We’re not trying to be haters, but Reese might want to rethink this project. Like maybe get some more ice and carve an accompanying “As We Know It” sculpture? It’s a cold day, it’s not too late! Or! How about! He could make a giant Shrinky-Dink of the word “ECONOMY.” Hmmm. Maybe we’ll do that. Wonder if we could get some government funding…