Eddy Curry’s Season Starts Off With a Bang

James Lockhart before the Senate. Photo: Getty Images

Eddy Curry can’t seem to catch a break. After showing up to training camp overweight — for Curry, an annual event as dependable as the autumnal equinox — the Knicks center was hospitalized for a week by a bacterial infection, his disposition surely brightened by new coach Mike D’Antoni’s quip that “throwing up is a good way to lose weight.” Things didn’t get any better when Curry finally arrived at practice yesterday: as he sat down on one of those giant, high-strength blue exercise balls, it promptly exploded. And as if his scraped elbow and bruised ego weren’t enough, D’Antoni has apparently settled on his starting lineup, and Curry isn’t in it. Instead, he’ll be battling Malik Rose for the ninth spot in the rotation, and until he summons a faster, svelter version of himself, that’s likely where he’ll stay in D’Antoni’s up-tempo offense. Like that rubber exercise ball, any hopes of Curry improving on last year’s dismal season may have already burst.

Little Room for Sentiment, or Legacies, on Knicks [NYT]