Elisabeth Hasselbeck Adopts Fun Southern Accent for Florida Palin Rally


Elisabeth Hasselbeck did a great job of warming up the crowd at a Tampa rally for Sarah Palin yesterday, opening up by saying, “Let’s be honest, I was pretty excited to be able to talk for a full five minutes without getting interrupted!” The View co-host attacked Obama, praised McCain, and defended Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. She also put on a sort of evangelical southern accent, which kind of worked (as opposed to her baggy green collared trench — just sayin’ — we’re two ladies! It’s not sexist!). “Instead of the issues, ‘they’ are focused, fixated on her wardrobe,” Elisabeth ranted, waving her arms. “Now with everything going on in the world, it seems a bit odd. But let me tell you, this is deliberately sexist.” Then the crowd started chanting “USA! USA!”

Today on The View, Hasselbeck reiterated Palin’s down-to-earth quality. “She calls Jimmy Choos ‘Johnny Choos,’” she laughed. During a commercial break, boss Barbara Walters told Hasselbeck that she was “proud of her” for her rise to prominence in the national political scene. This must be a comfort to the young View starlet, who has been increasingly criticized by her boss for her single-mindedness and refusal to see issues from both sides. They get along again! Though it may not matter — judging by Hasselbeck’s gusto onstage with Palin, we’re beginning to believe those whispers that say she’s increasingly tempted to jump to Fox News.

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