‘Gossip Girl’ Stars Shill for Obama


The cast of the Greatest Show of Our Time has always wanted young people to get out and vote. But now the show’s real-life couple, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, have taken it to the next level — they’ve teamed up with MoveOn.org to get kids to get their parents to vote. For Obama. “Mom, Dad? I found this in your room today,” Penn (a.k.a. Dan) says, brandishing a “Drill, Baby, Drill” trucker’s hat. The ad is actually kind of funny, stealing the patronizing language parents use to talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol. “And if you’re ever out somewhere and you’re considering voting for John McCain, just call me!” Blake (a.k.a. Serena) says. “I’ll pick you up.” Aw! This, plus her recent hilarious cameo on Saturday Night Live, are really making us like Blake Lively. What’s happened to us?!? (Though, it should be noted, the high-school Serena van der Woodsen would never vote Democrat. With a mom like Lily and a stepdad like Bart Bass, she’d be voting with her tax bracket like a militia member for Bob Barr.)

Gossip Girl and MoveOn Cut Ad for Obama [HuffPo]